Chobitz7's Kodomo no Jikan Manga Review

Rated: 9

This volume is alot more mature than the prev... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HA AHAAAAAAA
sorry. no, this volume is still a wierd little.... thing...
it is no way as immature as the previous volume, but it is getting there. The art in the Rin/Renji backstory section is actually good and fits the story and the mood perfectly, but it is still early, and our author is still getting a feel for the characters, and being that this is her longest running series, this is the series she finnally finds her place, and therefore, the more you get in, the better.

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Chobitz7's Kodomo no Jikan Manga Review

Rated: 9

KNJ shows itself to be a manga with great potential, in the world of manga and anime, potential is almost always a direct lead into being a crappy anime, KNJ, goes "F@CK YOU, SERIES DOOMING POTENTIAL" and makes itself to be one good series, in volume 1, the humor is awesome, you'll be laughing quite a bit, and the drama, though rare in volume 1, should have you very engaged, overall, this is all just to introduce the charater's and their issuses, alot of the charaters mental issues check out in realism, at least for now, all in all, it is a nice way to start of "Lolita the manga"... i mean Kodomo no Jikan... If you are after the anime, check out Shoujoboy's review...

I would like to note, in Lolita, the persuer is a 50 year old man, chasing a hot 12 yaer old loli...

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Chobitz7's Gantz Ova Review

Rated: 6

Gantz is supposed to be an empty, almost nihilistic view of humanity, and is better thought of as one of those midnight movie of old, its classic, its gory, its sexy, its really sadistic, and it should get a 3 or 4... but due to its amazing feel, its crappy script, and far-fetched ideas, as well as several weird hentai scenes, this anime is ... well... so bad, that it is good.

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